Hey There! Let me tell you a small bit about myself….

I am a young lass who goes by the name of Laura.

I am on a journey of getting to know the One who created me, whose name is God, and whom I love. What an incredible journey it is! I’ve been saved, healed, and empowered and I wish for other people to know that same magnificent freedom, love and strength as well.

Baking and jogging are relieving and rewarding ways that I spend my time. Another hobby I find myself attracted to (and the reason I’ve started this blog) is writing, which I am passsionate about; there is something fantastical about kniting words together. Descriptive writing is my niche. (Fantastical is quite possibly not a word, but I like it! You may find me making up words here, just roll with it.)

Another art I have found myself trying to master is the art of taming my afro… but the ‘fro wants what the ‘fro wants. I am on a journey to embracing my natural hair and also to accepting myself, both inside and out. Pretty aw-inspiring journey. Pretty difficult though.

Nature is a surrounding I thrive in, an escape route. The sky is one of the main things about the outdoors that holds my gaze captive. It’s an honourable task to try and paint a picture of this vast vault with words.

As well as fresh air, travel is a thrilling companion to me. I haven’t had a chance to venture abroad much recently, but cycles and bus journeys provide a platterful of adventure and excitement.

The youngest of the children in my family, I consider myself an avid fanatic of peanut butter and frozen yoghurt. Pretty notebooks, pens, Netflix and hats are some things that I love also.

This blog is a platform for me to share a little bit of my life, some of the adventures I find myself on, a couple of the things I’ve learned that may be of use to you and a few of the pieces I’ve written.

Lots of Love,