Truth. Where does it lie in today’s world? Does truth lie in your last Instagram post, in that smiling picture of you that is your profiler, in that toothy grin you flash so readily? Maybe so. Maybe that’s you – the image you give to the outside world. Maybe not. Maybe truth is the ugly crying that wracks your delicate frame at one in the morning or the consuming rage that takes over you without any notice. Maybe it’s both; the image you portray and the things you hide.

Truth is wholesome. When you dig deep into truth there are no surprises, no clowns hidden around corners waiting to jump out and jeer at you. Truth is pure. Truth brings healing, and often it uncovers hurt too. Truth cannot be bound up and placed on the side without consequence.

Often our minds (well mine anyway) are filled with untruths. Things that don’t carry what is factually correct. It is dangerous when we live our lives based on these incorrect thoughts, on these wrong views of ourselves and others. When we do not have a solid foundation of truth, what we are being guided by is false.

For me, it is a huge struggle to make sure that the way I think about myself is truthful. We are fed so many things about ourselves, based on the perception and opinion of others that if we are to have a correct, wholesome, truthful view of ourselves, we must censor what it is we choose to believe. What thoughts and words are going to pierce our core and what must be deflected.

I’m learning how to recognise what is truth and what is not; I must measure what I think about me and what others convey about me against what it is that God’s word says about me. It’s the only way to ensure that truth runs through my core, my most sensitive inner being. I am a delicate human and you are a delicate human. We are so easily influenced by the opinions of others, even if those opinions are false. Let’s add to the fact that we have an enemy who is cheering us on every time we let one of those lies fall beneath our surface and restrict our potential, ruin our peace and plague our minds. But also, we have a God who loves us without restraint and every breath He blows into our deflated hearts brings freshness and truth.

I am on a journey to wrack my mind, rid it of these lies and replace them with truth; God’s word. I think I shall still be on this journey when I am 40, when I am 60 and when I am 80. Join me please. Let’s encourage others to believe the truth, let’s encourage ourselves to believe the truth. Let’s find out what the truth actually is.


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