Zambia 2017

Recently, I got the opportunity to journey to Zambia, Africa with a group from my church. We visited villages out in the Zambian bush, told stories, danced a lot, sang a lot, and loved a lot. This piece sums up some of the experience we had.


Zambia 2017

By Laura Craig

The children running barefoot
Their rich, beautiful, dark skin glowing in the heated sun
They hold my hands and deposit kisses on them, leaving a present of love in my heart

Their houses are woven huts
Brown and straw like
Created with craftsmanship
Thatched roofs bearing over circular creations

Happy smiles, turned up mouths
Bright eyes, dull eyes
There is a raw beauty to be found in Africa
An unchained block of space
Which is a completely different world to mine

Grainy white-looking sand that sticks with a blackness to exposed skin
Toothy grins, dirty clothes, clean clothes
Flies constantly buzzing, resting in the inner corner of the eyes of children
Stealing their moisture
Stealing their sanitation

But hope cannot be stolen, Not forever.
The same mighty God who reigns over my life reigns over the life of every one of His beloveds
So any life that is placed in the hands of Him has a rich potential
A hand-crafted plan
A path laid out

Gods plan is for us to prosper
And so it must be believed that for these wonderful children
Whose lives I cannot begin to wrap my head around
It must be believed that God is going to work powerfully through them
What can He not do with a life surrendered?


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