Where To Turn To

All of us have pasts, people that hurt us, plans that failed us. All of us are scarred. I’ve been reading recently about how as we grow up, we have words spoken to us, things said to us that have an impact on our deepest selves. We believe things said to us that are not true, but because they’ve been repeated, reinforced, they’ve made their way into our inner chambers. And it is a task to rewind and to take a look at who spoke those things to us, whether with words or actions. But we don’t have to give those untruths a prime dictating position over our lives anymore. There is another way to live.


Where To Turn To

By Laura Craig

Who told you my love that you were not good enough?

Who, with vigour, or without, removed the pearly crown from your head

Shaking away the good that previously inhabited your heart

And now my love, you are bruised, you are hurt

And you don’t know where to turn to


Who trod on your little hands

Removing from you the steady desire to be known deeply

Piercing the innocence that wrapped you tightly

And now you think that you could never be fixed

And you don’t know where to turn to


Who lifted you in their strong arms

And then suddenly dropped you

Ripping away the trust you had placed in another body

And now you wonder who will hold you

And you don’t know where to turn to


My love, I’ll tell you where to turn to

Turn to your Father, the Heavenly One, the Creator of All

He’ll protect your crowned head, hold your tender hands,

Enclose your bruised body in His peace

And you will know where to turn to.


My love, He’ll swaddle you in a blanket of love,

He’ll climb in past the barricade you unknowingly constructed

Teaching you how to trust, how to love, how to heal

And then He’ll send you to release someone else whose crown has fallen

And then they’ll know where to turn to


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