The Cool Kids

I like this piece a lot. In the age in which we live, we are constantly bombarded with images of other people’s lives. We see only a fraction, a picture, of what their reality is and we compare our lives to the lives of others. This piece is an expression of how, really, we are all the same. The peoples lives who we follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are probably more like ours than we realise. All of us face insecurity and gut-wrenching fear. Don’t believe the lie that what you’ve got isn’t good enough.


The Cool Kids

By Laura Craig

Do you ever see those cool kids on Insta.

Those people whose lives are looking bomb.

They look like they’re living THE life.

I sit and watch, and scroll, and wish.

Maybe if I keep wishing, my life will be wished away.


I wish for a Spanish husband. (Who will sing to me in Spanish)

I wish for perfection, even though I know it’s unreasonable.

I wish for relief from pain, from life.

I bet those cool kids are wishing too.

Wishing and waiting.

Waiting for an answer as to why the grand stage play of life is taking place,

Each person an actor in an intricate and complicated plot.


I bet those cool kids get the same sick feeling in their stomachs that I get sometimes.

That feeling that causes me to desire to flee my current situation.

That feeling that urges me to drop everything and run.

I bet those cool kids get that too.

Because we are all human.

I am human. You are human. The cool kids are human.


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