Are You Ready?

Are you ready to go?

To move, to jump, to leap out in faith

Are you ready to fly?

To reach your stretchable hands high above the constants that surround you and touch something glorious?

Are you ready to step out, to speak up for what you believe in?

To speak with words and to speak with actions.

To speak truth and to speak life.


Are you ready?

The question asked before we take a stride into the unknown,

Before we step up on a platform, a heavy cloud of expectation resting on our shoulders

The question asked before we remove ourselves from our immediate comfort zone and do something that is shockingly terrifying.

No, hardly ever we are ready to try something scary, but anyway we must.

If we wait until we are ready all of the time, we will miss the greatest opportunities

No, I’m not ready, but I’ll step out anyway. I’ll step out and walk on water, I’ll step out into the purpose I was created for.

No, I’m not ready, I can’t tell you if I would ever be.

I’m not ready to face college today, I’m not ready to experience hurt, I’m not ready to run, but I will anyway, because that is what I do, that is what we do.

We live anyway, without being ready, we live.

We leap, we fly, we jump and not on a strength that is our own, but on the strength of the one who created us.


So as we march into the hazy frosting of shallow minutes before us, you must know and appreciate the courage we each have, as we live without being ready.


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