Fellow Human

Fellow Human

By Laura Craig 

Fellow Human,

I must admit it feels like an alien is inhabiting my body lately. I’m different, changing, becoming something else. But you see, I liked me before; me before life got it’s sticky hands on the situations that surround me, me before my heart was burdened with grief, before my sound mind was strung on a rope between two buildings, hanging vulnerably in the air, open to be shot at, to be fired upon. But I’m not any me today, other than the current me. I’m not the me who surfaced and then disappeared months ago. I’m not the me of nine years ago or ten years ago, although arguably, they make me the me that I am.

Fellow human, I do not know what struggles you face today. I do not know if you too, feel like an alien has taken residence inside of you, but fellow human, I do know that you are loved. I am reminding you of this, and I am reminding myself of this too. I hope dearly that you have loved ones, that you have people you cherish and hold close to your heart. But here’s the thing: even if you did not have loved ones, people who you hold close to your heart, there is a Father of yours who looks upon you with eyes of love. There is love had for you, even if you do not know it, or feel it. There is love had for you.

Fellow Human, you are loved.

And you are not just loved by a feeble, weak, fear-filled love, you are the recipient of a fierce, delicate, gentle, mighty, unfailing love. For you are loved by God, and he IS love. Loved by love itself. My love, he causes dry bones to come to life, he breathes life into the deadest of things, he works good out of unimaginably horrible situations. My love, when life is biting incessantly at your ankles and you can’t find a break anywhere, his hand is at work in your world, though you may not see it.

Fellow human, you are loved.

This love I speak of is a love that endures, a love that embraces, a love that ceases to fail, a love that stays the course, even when we do not. This love is not dependant on what you do, what you think, what you feel. This love is not dependant on the time of day, the time of night or the events that are currently occurring around you.

Fellow human, if you find yourself today in a wretched mess, if you find yourself numbed to the world around you, if you’re isolated, or you are in pain, fear not. There is hope, there is love, waiting for you. Just for you. For many years ago, the One who loves you gave himself, so that today, you may encounter this love, so that you may be filled with love, washed with love, cleansed with love. Love motivates. Pure love.

Fellow human, do not despair, for you are loved. I cannot possibly begin to understand the things that you deal with on a daily basis, or the hurts that savage your breakable heart, but each one of those bitter things that eats up your enjoyment of life will come to an end, one day. For now, know that there is purpose in this current moment, in these current struggles, and for now, know that you are loved.

There is so much about this world that is too large for us to comprehend, too twisted and gnarled for us to make sense of, and that is okay. It is okay that we do not understand, it is okay for you not to have answers. But when it comes to questioning if you are loved, please know, the answer is always yes.

Fellow human, you are loved.


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