This week the struggle has been real. The long days, the affects of the acne medication and now a cold that surfaced this week rendering my tastebuds useless, I’m shook, to say the least. I am thankful no doubt for the fact that I get to go to college, although sometimes it feels good to complain. But I’m telling you this, so as to celebrate, to remind myself to celebrate. Because this trouble I find myself in, whether it’s minute or acute trouble, leads me in to a tender space with God. It’s like the things that pound against me, the obstacles flying towards me or simply blocking my way are blows that leave me tender, vulnerable, and when you step into a space with God, holding a tender heart in your hands, what can he not do with you. You who has been softened by surrounding situations. You whose heart has been broken, the space between the shattered pieces is a space that he can fill. We talk about being broken and lost. We talk about how God searches for the lost and sometimes I think the magnitude of what it’s like to be broken or lost for some people gets lost on me. To be falling apart, to be aching with such pain while it seems other people continue to live full lives around you. Even if they do not, it seems they do. To be hurting at a deep level is a raw experience, a cutting experience and I think we can fall numb to the idea of that. But we serve a God who heals, a God who restores. Continuously. He brings those who are far from Him and he heals them. He reaches out gently to those who have known Him for years and he heals. Maybe in an instant, maybe over a period of time. Thank you Lord, thank you that you heal.



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