Nothing to Prove

Nothing to Prove

By Laura Craig

I wish I could say that all the time I live as if I have nothing to prove,

I act as if I have nothing to prove,

I dress as if I have nothing to prove,

I speak as if I have nothing to prove,

But that is not true


It seems that under my skin and bubbling in my blood,

There is a source of energy that spurs me on to believe that I have something to prove


I recognise it sometimes in the way that I think

I catch myself getting tied up in the trouble of what other peoples opinions of me are

I spot my stomach clenched with worry as I relive something that I said or did

As I remind myself that I’ve devalued myself in the eyes of another

As my mind becomes clogged with weighty thoughts of how my character is so flawed

As a cloud settles over my crowned head, a niggling idea that my words aren’t worth much


Nothing to prove, I remind myself

I may never believe this fully,

But with each passing day, I pray that I’ll believe it a little bit more


You see we’ve already been validated by the One who made everything

He proved for us His love, He let the life seep out of his veins so that we could live freely

He had nothing to prove but he allowed Himself to be put through an immense amount of turmoil

So that we may rest our burdened eyes upon Him and set our hearts upon the very fact that He has shown us His unfailing love


So while this life flows freely through our bodies,

As we catch ourselves trying to prove

Let’s be gentle with ourselves and let’s nudge each other in the direction of Him

With the way we behave and the way we love

Let the love of the One who knitted us together varnish our lives in a rich coat of contentment

As we break free from our trapped minds and we run wildly in the fresh breath He breathes into our lungs

Living loved is what we do.


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