The Stranger

This poem is a short one. It’s not deep, but it describes an exchange I had with a person who I did not know. I think that the little things we do have a big impact on others and that we have a real chance to make a difference in our spheres of influence with the way we live EACH day. That each day carries importance and each moment matters.

Thankyou, dear stranger who warmed my heart.


The Stranger

By Laura Craig

It was a gentle encounter, an exchanged gift of kindness

On the day that I lent a stranger a pen.


He did not know me and I did not know him,

But he asked of me a pen and so I gave Him one.


And minutes later my pen was returned to me,

With the present of a small chocolate bar.


I do not remember if I saw him place the offering on my pile of books,

But I remember the kindness that was deposited in my heart at his thoughtful action.


I might not know him, but I remember the stranger.

I remember his kindness.



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