The people around us have a such a large influence on who we are and often we become like them. I am thankful for the wonderful people that surround me. Relationships with the people who are close to us aren’t always smooth and easy but when you strip it all back, the relationships we have with our fellow humans are one of the most important things we have. Through laughter-filled and tear-filled times we venture along with the bodies around us. This little piece is a humble thankyou to the ones I love who have stuck by me.



By Laura Craig

Thank you, to the people who stick

Stick by me in the sweeping storms

When my identity becomes tied up in flighty warranties, you remind me who I really am

A precious child

Daughter of a King

Mountain Mover


Stick by me when I am incredibly convinced that my world is crumbling

When I am sure that I indeed have lost my mind, you utter to me those powerful words

‘You’re not going crazy’

You were there when I wasn’t there for myself and you contributed to who I am today

Without you, I may have gotten there, but you made the journey sweeter


Stick by me when I don’t deserve it

When my childlike behaviour hurts me, hurts others and to me, you extended a generous hand of forgiveness, showing me how to love by example

Your caring actions, which I could not understand, which I thought were wrong, because the world does not teach them, I now know are filled with grace and are indeed a delicate surrender of pride and payback

You’ve thought me how to be a woman


Stick by me when surely it would have been easier to walk away, then to once again reassure me

To once again use your words to build me, you repeatedly remind me that my current situation will not be forever and that brighter things are to come

You do not condemn, but you show me grace and help me grow

You inspire me, both with your words and your example, and you have contributed enormously to the very person who writes these syllables.


Stick by me when I insult you, thinking that my minute knowledge of things is greater than your learned years

Your hard work and lack of complaints have instilled in me an admiration for you and I don’t tell you that I appreciate you enough


Stick by me when I break myself down before you and you build me up

You listen when I need it most and you draw a smile on my face in a flash

Your kind words have sown seeds of love in my heart that will only be watered by future showers

You remind me that there is beauty inside of me regardless of what I feel like and I am certain that I would not be the being I am without your impact


I love you. Thankyou for sticking by me.


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