Come, come and rush through us, flowing freely through every vein in our bodies.

Let your words spring lightly off of our tongues, Our hearts dancing solemnly in the desirable freedom that you have pre-destined, set out for us.

Our hearts beat for you. At your feet we lay down our baggage and in return we pick up your promise, exchanging shame and guilt for sweet, sweet healing.

You lay your words on our tongues, a gift, that we may go forth, with courage, and speak your kingdom into the world

Your unchanging power courses through every cell in our body; the broken, crumbling bits of us are under construction. You know us deeply and you reveal yourself to us.

We worship you. King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We SHOUT your praise.

Your will, will NOT be undone. Your promises are steadfast, You fill our lives and hearts with truth and goodness.

We can find in you, what is so rare in this troubled and broken world.

You delicately remove the stale bandages that we use to cover our wounds and you softly speak words of healing to the deep, dark cuts which pierce our souls.

We worship you.

We love because you love us. You have called each of us for a unique cause, but one thing unifies us. One thing glues our community solidly together. We are here to glorify you.

Let us persevere, removing our eyes from the fleeting distractions, visible as shifting shadows around us and let us fix our eyes on you. Our Constant. Compass. Redeemer. Forgiver. We are the forgiven.

Come. Come fill us. Again. Again. Come.


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