A Hurting Heart

Inspired by the hurts that savage us, but evidently show that we are human, we care and we have healing ahead.


A Hurting Heart

By Laura Craig

When your heart hurts, don’t throw it away

Keep it, it will be whole one day


When your heart hurts, don’t turn it off. The pain that you’re feeling signifies loss.

Where there is loss, much is cared about. Please. Please. Don’t throw your heart out.


When your heart hurts, there is chance to grow. Let something new arise from something old.

The pain that you’re feeling pulls you in strong. Tell me, who wishes to feel heartbreak for long?


Pain is a sign that we need to be healed. Something is hurting, something unrevealed?

No-one can tell you your pain is untrue. Because my dear, it’s true to you.


It’s true to you and it’s evident to God, you need to be healed and that’s his job.

Sit with God and tell Him what hurts. Tell Him, tell Him, this is what works.


You’ve got to go through it. It will be there. But please, please know there’s room to share.

A hurting heart doesn’t make you weak. It makes room to grow, room to speak.


A hurting heart brings you closer to Him. The reason we hurt see, is a word called sin.

But He took care of that the day He died. And on that day, your name on His mind.


Your name *insert here* matters to Him. It matters you see, the breath you breathe in.

So carry your hurt, your heart, your pain, carry to Him the feelings you’ve gained.


The things you’ve lost that were dear to you; they matter, they matter so much to Him too.

Your story does not end where the pain begins. But rather a new story, written by Him.


He hears the things that you scream to Him, in a room where you sob and the lighting is dim.

When your heart hurts, great joy is coming. A new song is sung, strings are strumming.


My love, my dear, when you lose heart, bring it back, where did your journey start?

It started with Him and that’s where it ends. The Healer. The Comforter. He who mends.


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