Our Identity

Our Identity

By Laura Craig

As humans, we desire to belong, to thrive as part of a big picture.

We long to be held close, we strive for a comforting feeling of utter acceptance; from ourselves and from others.

We expect to find attributes in our fellow humans that we do not contain ourselves.

It is heart-breaking.

Through our good intentions, our need for fulfilment, we so easily end up damaging ourselves and others.

With shaky hands we reach for a worldly approval, one that would never satisfy the caving abyss within.

There is only one way to inhale the approval we so crave. Our God, a relationship with Him.

I haven’t felt half of the searing pain that some people have, but I know that my God can heal ANYTHING.

God created each of us UNIQUELY. Each cell within you is full of purpose.

So easily tied up and distracted with to-do lists, problems, hurts and pains, our identity becomes tied up in people and things.

I am guilty of that.

Though when we read His word and discover what He says about us; He knows the number of every hair on our head, we begin to view ourselves, and the world, in a different manner. A new insight arises.

God loves EVERY part of us: the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. It’s high time we love ourselves.

Realizing His love for us, we become alert to the chasing fact that there is nothing we could do, no place we could go, no thought we could think or word we could utter that could change the indescribable, immeasurable amount of love He has for us.

UNFAILING LOVE. Love that DOES NOT FAIL. Even when we do.

As our weary eyes open to this bright reality, a transformation occurs deep inside our fragile frames.

Changing our hearts and spreading outwards, we begin to dance in the purpose we were created for.

Becoming who you were created to be is a journey. While we learn to accept who God crafted us to be, we allow our life-filled bodies to experience this time on earth in a vast new way.

There is such sweetness in the surrender of mistaken identity.

We find immense freedom as we lay down the shaky mask we wore, a cover woven in to the strings of society and we reveal our inner beings.

Born again. Not of this world. This is our identity.

Loved. Chosen. Called. Broken. Healed. Hurting. Accepted. Burdened. Our identity lies in Him, the Creator.


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