This piece I wrote after coming back from a week-long camp called Pulse, where walls were broken down, healing happened, new friends were made and God was praised. I was encouraged to spend time in worship alone with God and this was a product of that. It was the first piece I shared with anyone other than one of my closest friends. For that reason it is momentous and holds a special place in my heart.



By Laura Craig


Come like rain

Come like Fire


Revive our weary hearts

Renew our inate desire

To know you more, to know you deeper


Lord, sprinkle your words of love over us, that we may sing them Louder, Louder.


Let the song of a generation hungry for you rise up.

Rise up through the hurt

Rise up the pain

Rise up through the anxiety, rejection, depression, sin


Glue our hearts together,

That they may beat wholly as one, for one cause,

To glorify our mighty, worthy Father


Let your sweet words of love, of mercy, of grace soak into our bones,

That we may verbalize how great you are,

How much you love us

Our voices, raised higher than ever, moving like a wave, softly blanketing the ears of our towns, of our nations


We worship you.


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