The Journey

As I’m slipping into adulthood (I’m 18 now), I’m starting to learn who I am, and part of that is accepting all the different pieces of me that make me Laura.

This piece details some of that journey.


The Journey

By Laura Craig

Perfect, I am not

Never will I be

There are multiple flaws I could detail about myself and many imperfections others could show you in me

Not always do I like the way that I appear, but this is me


I have unruly, curly, frizzy hair

I am not sure what colour my eyes are but they change according to the light

I have beautiful sallow skin

I have an unwanted moustache and eyebrows that do not shape themselves

I laugh at my own jokes

My two front teeth are slightly bigger than they should be, to align with all their family

My heart is big and I love to help others

I’m gifted to write quite beautifully


Sometimes, it may happen that the things I see as ugly or unacceptable, these are the things that identify me, make a unique human, these are the things that grow on others

My ‘too big’ teeth give me an undeniably goofy smile that lights up my caramel face, glowing golden


Could I ever learn to love these things?

I have found abounding comfort in accepting each day that the way I look is confirmably the way that I look

And I will live my Life that day, looking that way


When I accept my tangled curls as part of me, they’re welcomed into my family of features, allowing me to boldly embrace the characteristics that make me into me

God-given characteristics


When I do, I come to life

I allow the intricately created puzzle pieces of myself to fit together, throwing no piece away

I step forward into the ‘me’ I am meant to be by accepting the ‘me’ that I am

Not Easy.


But helped by my encouragers, the people who tell me that they adore my twiddlesome locks, who build me as I break myself down, who love those pieces of me that I deem unloveable, My God who loves EVERY piece of me, the good, the bad, the pieces I accept and the pieces that I still want to change

Every SINGLE part of Laura

Loved. Immeasurably.

I am not alone on this journey.


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