Not What It ‘Seems’

It is late October, nearly Halloween. The crusty autumn leaves have layed themselves across the ground, displaying their majestic shades of orange and yellow. The mustard colour is in fashion, the hats have come out and the coats been buttoned up, guarding cosy bodies from the whipping wind and the sprinklings of rain that are inherent to our land of the green.

This morning, the sky is dull, displaying outrageously grey clouds. They threaten and loom over us with a distinctly terrifying beauty, captivating eyes who search. This day seems like nothing special. It seems like something drab in fact, a struggling girl who feels weak sits on her bed, grasping, gripping to find comfort somewhere and failing to do so. Always moving, not giving time for rest, always anxious, not giving time for peace.

But what seems, is not the most relevant thing. God is moving. God is working. God is speaking. We are listening. Me must stop and listen. We must stop and take a few minutes from our schedules, hectic or not, and pry our eyes gently from the circumstances that ever demand our attention. In 18 years of life-filled living, one thing I have learned is that there will always be something else, something worthy of captivating our attention, our minds, pulling us in, always a situation to solve, a place to be, a worry to meditate on. Where, oh where, will we find rest?

But if you listen, you will hear His voice. The voice that transforms an ‘ordinary’ Saturday into a day filled with magic and miracles, a day filled with the sowing of seeds, a day where we converse with the One who created us. This moment now. This is where we show who we are, we can only live today as best we can, whether we are broken shells, or whole and healthy, or somewhere in between. Today there is a step you can take forward. Maybe it’s not the one you want, maybe it’s the one you’ve been avoiding. Something you need to surrender or a task you’ve been given. Sit with Him today.

In Psalm 27:8, David is having a conversation with God;

‘My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”

I just love that. God invites David and David answers “I’m coming”. Know today that your Father is inviting you. He wants to get to know you deeper. You’ve just got to go, to respond “I’m coming”.

Today is your day, to take a step where feet may fail. To declare the promises of God over your life, over the life of your loved ones. To step into healing, to step into promise, to step into purpose. Don’t be fooled by what ‘seems’. Because there is so much that we cannot see. God is moving powerfully in all the little things we do, the little generous moves we make, and the places where we are stretching, albeit painfully sometimes. Today is your day. Now is your moment. Have a good one.


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