I wrote this piece this week, my second week of college (first year!). Already I’m starting to feel the pressure of a compiled list of things to do and remember, along with the standards I set before myself.

These written words are an expression of the significance of the now moments and of how my current efforts matter in a big way. So do yours. BIG time baby, BIG time.



By Laura Craig

Although I don’t feel like a champion, that is what I am

Summed up in the small moments, the subtle victories, the things I do that are seemingly unimpacting

This is where my winning spirit resides


I can see, but not everything

I may never know the true multitude of my actions

The twinkling smile I cast away one day, that set off a ripple in the life of another

The simmering chuckle emerging from my mouth as I laugh clumsily at my own joke, a pun perhaps, the gentle tickle of my laughter reaching to the mouth of another like me, and pulling it into a smile


The combined energy in the little squeezes of effort is the force used to win the battle

A kind word to myself goes far

Every time I set foot outside the door, to embark on a mission, to reach the approaching goal I have set vividly in front of me, to stretch my legs into that rhythmic motion we call jogging, each precious time, I have won something small, or perhaps, larger than small

These are the sweet tugging moments that we live in,

These short embraces of victory are where I champion, more so than in that one moment where all my efforts are seen





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