The Irresistible Smile

Inspired by the literally irresistible smile that at times chooses to make itself resident on my face. Just a little fun descripton!


The Irresistible Smile

By Laura Craig

The irresistible smile was one that crept up unobserved

It came from the deepest, innermost depths of her soul

Surfacing like a shark, it lurked, waiting to take her face captive

It was clumsy and goofy and wound her in trouble with those uninformed teachers who supposed that those upturned corners of her mouth assumed the format of a smirk, a mocking of their adequate teacherly capabilities

She didn’t always know where it came from and she didn’t absolutely, completely, truthfully understand it, but nevertheless the smile remained the base layer of her emotions

It begged and pleaded to be let out, set free and roam the lower half of the terrain of her face

This fantastical smile was utterly irresistible



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