This was one of the first pieces I wrote specifically directed towards others.

For the past few years, writing has been a form of well-needed expression, sometimes of things that are difficult to speak out. To describe something is to paint a picture of it, allowing a certain internal sense of security.

After I shared some of my words with a few people, it became a possiblilty that I might share them with more of you. And so in this piece, I’m writing with YOU in mind.



By Laura Craig

God created you. For a purpose, a unique calling.

You are set apart, His child. You have always been, you will always be.

The circumstance in which you find yourself, at this very moment in time, is an irrelevant factor in terms of contributing to how much He loves you.

He MADE you, SHAPED you, FORMED you, CALLED you.

You ARE LOVED. Immeasurably. At this very moment in time, He looks at YOU and is pleased with you. His handiwork.

The vicious struggles that you tirelessly battle, He claims victory over them. He is waiting to see your white flag of surrender. Hold it high.

Your largest problem is but a speck of dust to Him, He understands it. He is waiting to hold it. To hold you. To cleanse your heart. Pure white. Again.


You can live in freedom. He loves YOU.





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