The Bars

Originally, this piece was written during a time where I was wrestling my thoughts.

I hadn’t actually intended it to be shared, but I was asked to share one of my pieces at our Sunday Service in church and ended up performing this one. I spoke it out at our Friday night youth service, Ablaze, as well, and received a good response, prompting me to share it here.

It goes to show that what we struggle with, even thought it may seem like it’s behind closed doors, is definitely and ultimately relatable to others. During these times of turmoil, I’m learning to accept me for who I am, who God made me, both strenghts and weaknesses combined.

God is going to use your weaknesses, as well as your strengths, to do something great, to glorify Him.

You are loved EXACTLY the way you are today.

You are not alone.


The Bars

By Laura Craig

Behind the bars of my mind is a cruel place to be. The torment I evidently endure while striving to persistently progress is undoubtedly painful.

The sting I feel in my heart when I realise that what truthfully holds me captive is MY thoughts, the lies, bred into me that I wilfully allow myself to believe.

It is as if my mind becomes clouded, bombed with so many multiple thoughts, each one a ticking device, exploding and offsetting the next. If only.. I could get each invidual thought and shake it up and down, searching valiantly for the inhabitant reason within it, pleading for an answer to the unexplained cause of is existence.

These mental walls, unseen to the human eye, become a physical barrier, all too visible to my fellow humans in my opinion.

My body stiffens rigidly as each tired worry hits home.

These bars may be made of toughened steel, any harassment I give them making minimal difference.

BUT, all hope is not lost. Holding my hand softly and standing right beside me is the Creator who intricately knit me together in the comfortable womb of my delicate mother.

He knows. He’s waiting patiently for me to submit my worries to him. He cares. Deeply.

And He loves me unconditionally just the way I am today.

I am the best version of me that He could use right now.

He has overcome the world. He has overcome MY world.






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