This piece was an asignment I wrote during Sixth Year. We were asked to write a Personal Essay on what we considered to be the marvels of todays world.

Here is my musings of such marvels in a few words…



By Laura Craig

For me, a marvel is something that has an unusual charachteristic. A possible unexplainable beauty, or attraction. A marvel is someting that makes you stop and ponder. It stands out. The marvels of todays world are different than the things that caused our imperial ancestors to gawk. I can imagine them, unrealistically dressed as cavemen as they fumbled around with a block of a phone, marvelling as to how they could talk to another person who was not in their vicinity. While in the past, the things that were unusual were manmade (imagine the absolute genious of the first car), these things are just casual to us now. Things are always being invented, updated. No; in today’s world, the true marvels are the things unconcocted by man.

Recently, I find myself taken aback with the beauty of the natural world. Just the other day, I found myself (as per usual) late for school. Because of the horrendous traffic, Mam dropped me off only halfway to school and I chose the option of walking the scenic route for the rest of the journey. Walking through the park, a stretch of greeness housing a footpath and an outside gym, was calming. Although I was late, it was almost like in this little seclusion of nature, there was a pause in time. I recall looking up at the sky as I mosied along and I was overcome with its beauty. I marvelled at its’ vastness.There was nothing particularly extraordinary about the sky that day, just that in the open space of the park it seemed massive. The beauty of the outdoors will forever be a marvel to me, especially in this fast-paced, hectic life.

I love all the seasons. With each one comes a new excitement, a different routine. With winter, I love the rituals that coldness brings; snug fluffly socks, nights by the fire, Christmas (of course) and oddly, the snow. It’s not just the excitement snow brings-the weather we get only once a year, or the hilarity of my beloved dog leaping through the snow as if he were a rabbit. I love the quiteness the morning after a heavy snow. It’s like the snow acts as a muffler; the coming of snow demands that the world stop. Snow is just as much a marvel today as it ever was. I don’t think it will ever lose its’ magic.

There are many mixed emotions to be had about living in Ireland. The crazy weather that can’t make up its’ mind would be enough to send any sane person up the wall. But nothng can compare to Irish scenery. For a town girl like me, the excitement is real when I get to drive through the countryside. Fair enough, it doesn’t take much to entertain me, and no doubt our cities and towns are sprinkled with their fair share of parks and gardens. However, they are no comparison to the captivation experienced by a wide stretch of land mainly untouched by man; the Irish countryside. Forever, the countryside will be a marvel for me; the vast stretch of greeness, as if the green fairy had placed an irreversible spell upon our humble island. Nothing in today’s world can top the intricate yet simple beauty of nature.

In my spare time, I like to dabble in a bit of baking. For me, it’s a way to relax. All my nervous energy becomes the main fuel source for creating something beautiful (or sometimes not so beautiful but still tasty). I love the way there are so many different ingredients; flour, eggs, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, the list of possibilities is endless. Throw them all together, add a bit of heat and an entirely new creation is formed. It’s just marvellous! This humble baking phenomenon is overflowing with simplicity, yet it still manages to leave my jaw dropping as to how it is possible for so many different tastes and textures to combine into one form. It’s a marvel!

An additional wonder for me is the human race. Don’t even get me started on the fact that we all have relatively the same features; hair, nose, eyes, skin, yet each person’s lineaments are tweaked slightly differently so that the result essentially is we all look radically different. For a teenage girl like me, the surrounding people are generally a source of amazement. “How is her hair so perfect?” or “How are her eyebrows even possible?” are frequented questions that pass to and fro. It is a marvel as to how other people can achieve the things we, ourselves, can not. The vast body of people who inhabit the earth is a source worthy to be marveled at. We did not create ourselves.

When ‘marvel’ is looked up in the dictionary, the definition you will find is ‘something that causes wonder, amazement or astonishment’. The things I have described- walks through the park, the quietness accompanying blanketed snow, the unexplainable beauty of the countryside, are all things that just happen. They are not terribly complicated but yet they leave us marveling. Baking a cake or finding fascination within ourselves as human, are not hugely elaborate matters, which goes to prove my point. The marvels of today’s world are the things widely unconcocted by man. Simply put.





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