A Perfect World

A Couple of months back, I sat my mock exams (pre-leaving cert examinations) and one of the essay titles given was ‘A Perfect World’.

So I chose it and made it my own. It fits into the ‘descriptive essay’ category.

Some of these fictional ideals are indeed gleaned from my experiences in reality.

Hope you enjoy!

A Perfect World

By Laura Craig

A perfect world is a world where the things that should happen, do happen. There are no constraining limits. In my secretive imagination a perfect world exists. The ultimate flaws of our animated world become subject to the authority of the delicately detailed human mind, as a townsperson is subject to their queen.

A perfect world is a world where I can study in an abundance of silence. The beings who see fit to cause disturbance in the midst of my concentrated learning are zapped. Taken into a spaceship, they are held forcefully, until my daily absorption of knowledge is complete. They may not complain about this method of peace-keeping. It is obligatory.

A perfect world is a world where every girls dream comes true: it is possible to devour all the food we want without resembling some sort of circular object. For me, every day, the mass consumption of peanut butter would take place. This sticky, brown, horrible looking substance is the divine delight of my life. Subject to the wide warnings of the over-consumption of food, I, with great mourning, limit my intake of this delicacy. If I did not, I would not fit into my clothes. In a perfect world, this would not happen.

A perfect world is a world where I can decide which emotions I feel. The emotions which are the source of my pain are censored. A massive control room exists. I walk in and numerous buttons flash colorfully in my face. It is dark and cool. There is a seat where I sit and the emotions of the day are decided. Gone are the terrors I cannot deal with. My life would be so much simpler in a perfect world.

A perfect world is a world where humans are capable of controlling the weather. Scenes of havoc would no doubt be wreaked. Every day we would have different weather. It would be comical. The same panel that decides emotions would determine the weather. The ultimate goal would be to have snow on Christmas Day. Snow is goals. If we got to weild the tempered weather, there would be no droughts or flooding, the incessant downpours inherent to Ireland would cease. It would be glorious.

A perfect world is a world where inanimate objects could sing. If I greeted a rock, it would spurt out a song. The world would come alive with the sweet echoing tunes of nature. If I asked a door a question, it could serenade me the answer. There would be no end to the hilarious amusement gained from the fact that the dull-grey patio tiles, ever-present in my back garden would be magically transformed into a choir.

A perfect world is a world where the average human being is effortlessly¬† capable of turning off their own brain. What great sleep we would have! The constant thoughts that whiz through our overflowing brains would cease to accelerate, while our brain switch would read dormant. Need to sleep but your troublesome thoughts won’t desist? Turn off your brain! This genious idea is rejuvinating. Alas, peace and quiet.

A perfect world is a world where teleportation exists. How beautiful would your dear life be if you could press a button and appear somewhere else? I would make sufficient use of this mind-enhancing facility every single day. Some days I would holiday in the Bahamas. Every second week I would journey to the moon. I would spend a trimester each year visiting exotic places. Quixotic! I would have a secret atelier where I would travel to, and in this light-filled creative space, it would be possible for me to design, to draw, to paint, whatever I wanted. This would be a perfect world.

A perfect world should have have all these things; peace, excess food, dulled emotions, weather-controlling humans, singing rocks, brains with switches and of course, my favourite, teleportation. However, I am lucky. In this gloriously imperfect world, I have amazing family, hilarious friends, fresh air, endless time, creative imagination and priceless memories. The funniest stories I will ever tell are of the mistakes I made. You see, a perfect world would have wonderful things… but I don’t live in a perfect world.


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